Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I'm back.........

Kia Ora, I hope you all had a good xmas and an even better New Years !!! Now that I have had a few days (months) of rest, I am looking at jumping back into it. sites. Who would of thought that there would be so many out there - certainly not me. I tried a few different ones just to see what they were like and I have found......... ??? Currently I am working on setting up a variety store on the auction site, but there's good news & bad news.
The good news - I'll be offering a "variety" of items and most of the items will be available to friends & readers of my blogs, no matter what country they happen to live in. There will be a couple of options on how you can pay. I am looking at getting Paypal set up on the auction site or will be open to swaps - anything that is easy for you to post to me.
The bad news - I am still a few days away from going online with it.
I am going to call it - Krazy Kelvin's Variety Store.
I'll be back.........

Footnote: I need more NZ Blogs & blogs from other countries that I can list, so leave me a comment. Once I get a chance, I'll be going thru and have a look at the blogs that are currently listed.