Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Kia Ora, I can hear you all chanting from where I sit - "why are we waiting" ? Come on, be fair, I only have a little computer and as you all know, I am just a 2 finger typist plus I have to stop now and again to scratch.
I'll be updating a lot of my blogs over the next week or two and cutting ties with certain blogs. I will also be looking for new blogs to list on the blog "around the world in 80 blogs". If you read this and want me to have a look at your blog leave a comment. Your blog must be from a country that is not currently listed. But having said that it would pay to check back because some of those blogs will be deleted.
I am also looking to link back up with other bloggers to let them be team members of my blogs if they want - Madam Grizzly ?

As you will no doubt have noticed (if you haven't, put your glasses on) a new blog in the making. It will shortly have a banner up, which will take you to the zillion site. Over the past couple of weeks I have looked at a lot of auction sites - big & small - but found myself returning to zillion to have a closer look. One thing I liked was the community forum - the mad house, where I found myself right at home (no rude comments on that please !!!)

Updated - Zillion Auction Site of Krazy Kelvin 30/9/08

It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Weeeeeee, I'm back !!! Did you miss me ? You didn't ? I can see a lot of people whose noses are growing fast !
Where have I been ? Let me just say that I have had a good rest & my batteries are fully charged, so I am going to put the pedal to the metal. If you want to come with me for a ride, you better jump in. There's room enough for everybody. Just be aware that once we starting rolling along the highway, we won't be stopping for anyone. If you want to get off, well we will slow down and then you can jump. Just be careful that when you hit the road, we don't run you over.

I would like to say a big welcome to all those visitors from the Zillion auction site. From what I have learnt from them over the past 3 or 4 days, they are a great bunch of people and their site is worth visiting. I will have banners up soon with a link to their website, but don't wait around for me to provide that. Pay them a visit now. If you don't already belong, you will have to sign up as an new member. Believe me, it's worth signing up. Would Krazy Kelvin lead you up the garden path ? Maybe I would, but I wouldn't hold your hand, because I don't know if it's clean or where it''s been. You could of been scratching yourself in places I won't mention. You will find me in the community forum where I feel right at home.... "the mad house". I have done one post entiled - "I only have a little co.....?" Hands up, how many minds are in the gutter ? Come on I can't see any hands from where I sit.
I had a look at all the other auction sites, but........Zillion was the only one in which I felt at home. The items that I will be selling will be listed on my new blog first, before I start transfer them over on to my Zillion auction site. Some of the Zillion members allow "international bidders". At the present time my items will only be available to NZ bidders. Please "bare" with me, because I get my head around everything I need to know, I will open my doors to you all.
Whats my name at Zillion ? What else ? Krazy Kelvin !!!

"It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind"