Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Kia Ora, I can hear you all chanting from where I sit - "why are we waiting" ? Come on, be fair, I only have a little computer and as you all know, I am just a 2 finger typist plus I have to stop now and again to scratch.
I'll be updating a lot of my blogs over the next week or two and cutting ties with certain blogs. I will also be looking for new blogs to list on the blog "around the world in 80 blogs". If you read this and want me to have a look at your blog leave a comment. Your blog must be from a country that is not currently listed. But having said that it would pay to check back because some of those blogs will be deleted.
I am also looking to link back up with other bloggers to let them be team members of my blogs if they want - Madam Grizzly ?

As you will no doubt have noticed (if you haven't, put your glasses on) a new blog in the making. It will shortly have a banner up, which will take you to the zillion site. Over the past couple of weeks I have looked at a lot of auction sites - big & small - but found myself returning to zillion to have a closer look. One thing I liked was the community forum - the mad house, where I found myself right at home (no rude comments on that please !!!)

Updated - Zillion Auction Site of Krazy Kelvin 30/9/08

It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind

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