Thursday, 5 July 2007

Kia Ora (Hello),

NZ Blogs I have listed 2 new blogs

21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read I have listed 10 new blogs

Around The World In 80 Blogs I listed 1 new one - Anguilla
Please Note: The bloggers whose whose blogs that I have listed, email me your 50 to 100 words to describe your blog. I will then copy & paste the words you send under your blog.

Kelvin a Memory Always Updated
NZ Maori Blog Updated


Aditya said...

hey dude !!!!
whoever you are!!!!
thanks for including my blog THE INTEGRAL on ur recommended blogs :)

Aditya (

hooying said...

hah, cool, you did find my blog by yourself!


Armando Gaspar said...

Thanks for the likeable words. Much success for what seems to be one exelente ideia, one blogue of blogues.
And thanks for including mine in this list.