Saturday, 18 October 2008

$1 Starting Bid - 5o Items Listed On Zillion

Kia Ora, Well I have got that job over and done....Finally ! My first ever attempt at selling on any auction site. I thought I would start off on one of the smaller sites first before moving on to the bigger fish. There were times, believe me when I didn't think I would get there.

My Zillion Blog is the only one that has currently been updated. Slowly I'll work on the other ones. Anyone who would like to be a member of any of the blogs leave a comment - Madam Grizzly ?

A new blog in the offering will be - Krazy Kelvin's Auction / Fleamarket Blog. I will work on details over the next few days and........! It was an idea that just happened to pop into my head for some reason or other so I might as well pick up the ball and run with it and see where it takes me. A couple of the other blogs I might place in recess for a while, so don't be surprised if they disappear.

Take care all........have a look at my items for sale on Zillion. Click on community and there is a link there where you put in the members name. Mine......krazykelvin (one word)

I'll be back..........

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