Saturday, 22 September 2007


Kia Ora (Hello), I know that it has been a lllooonnnggg time, but what can I say.
Some friends whose names I may reveal in time to come, have said that I am experiencing a mid-life crisis, which happens to people when they get to my age.

1. I got a # 1 haircut.
For those who are scratching their heads, a # 1 cut is near enough to been bald.
A # 0 cut means you end up with a skinhead / bald. My hair was long - way passed my shirt collar when I walked into the barbers and got a #1 cut.

2. I shaved off my beard.
It's something I do every now & again. It takes 10 years off my life, so I am told. When I have got short hair & no beard, I can walk down the main street of Auckland and friends, who have known me for years, walk straight pass without even batting an eyelid.

3. I went to get my eyes tested.
I have been told that I am short-sighted - as blind as a bat - well near enough to have to wear glasses if I want to drive. I am minus 4 - which mean’s what I see at 24 metres, other people with normal vision can see at 6 metres. Yet I can read, do work on the computer, walk around without banging into things, all without the need for glasses.

4. I am going to go for my driver’s license.
So there will be another “nut” behind the wheel out there on the roads of NZ.

5. I have placed a bid on a car.
A friend mentioned an auction website that had cars for sale, so I had a look. Guess what? I joined up and placed a bid for a “black” BMW. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. (hehe) I just hope I pass my drivers license, because if I don’t I might end up with an expensive paper-weight – well, 4 paper weights - if I win the auction. If I don't get the black one, there's a red one I have got my eye on.

6. I have given up my job.
I am unemployed !!! I felt it was time for a change, after working 5 days a week for the past 15 years, for the same company without even 1 day off sick, so I just quit. What am I going to do now ? I don't have a clue.

7. I have left the big city life behind, to live in a small country/rural town.
It's the same town where I have been living on the weekends since March. I have been going out there on the Friday night on the last bus and then getting up at 5.30am on the Monday to catch the first bus back to the city. It's dark when I get out there on the Friday night and dark when I get up to travel back to the city. It takes me 30 minutes to walk - uphill all the way - from where I get off the bus in the township to where I stay and 20 minutes to walk downhill. Every second Friday, I got a lift with the local bus driver who lives at the same place, when it was his turn to drive the last bus. Part of the way, there's no footpath, so I just followed the white lines on the side of the road. All that is now behind me.

8. Time to hit the road ?
I have thoughts of hitting the road and travelling around NZ on a working holiday. Hence my mission to get my drivers license, buy a car and travel. Stop off somewhere for a few days – work for a couple of days, see some of the sights as well and then move on to the next place. Slowly, but surely work my way around NZ over the next couple of years. Sounds like a good idea, does it not ?

9. I dumped a lot of my belongings.
I thought that if / when I am ready to hit the road,I will only want the barest amount of processions, so I dumped a lot of my stuff in a jumbo bin. It's amazing what I had managed to gather over the years.

10. It's A Fuuny Feeling
Sitting here, typing this knowing that I have no job and therefore no need to set the alarm any more to wake up early Monday morning makes me feel funny. I know that it's going to take me more than a few days to get used to the idea of doing "nothing". It was also a strange feeling walking away from what had been my place of employment the past 15 years. I was going to go home to the small country town, but decided to spend one last night in the big city and this internet cafe.

Given time, which I have a lot of now, I will update most of the other blogs, but this will do for now.

I'll be back.................

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Madam Grizzle said...

Holy Crap! This sounds like heaven! When can I have a mid life crisis?

how do you get as old as you are, and not have a drivers license? Is that common there?

I hav ebeen busy as well, and mine has been just the same drivel!

send me an email when things settle! I have updated my blogger status and can post again whenever!!!

take care, and have a kick ass time!

Madam G.